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What is the role of the mold wall in the use of the mold?

Releasetime: 2021/2/26 16:24:39

Everyone knows that plastic molds are tools for forming articles. These tools are made up of various parts. Different plastic molds are made up of different parts. It mainly realizes the processing of the shape of the goods by changing the physical state of the formed materials. The mold wall is used in the mold. What role does the mold wall play in the use of the mold?
What is the role of the mold wall in the use of the mold?
The mold wall plays a real role in the use of the mold, directly affecting the processing and production operations.

Firstly, if the wall thickness of the mold is too large, the cost is increased, the forming time is prolonged, the production efficiency is lowered, and the quality is difficult to control, and bubbles, shrinkage holes, depressions, and the like are apt to occur. On the other hand, if the wall thickness is too small, the strength of the mold itself is poor, and the resistance of the material flowing in the mold is large, and the shape is complicated, and forming is difficult.
Moreover, if the wall thickness of the plastic part is not uniform, the shrinkage will be uneven after the forming process, and not only bubbles, depressions, deformations but also large internal stresses may be present. When making the mold, the interface between the wall thickness and the thin wall of the mold should be avoided at an acute angle, but excessively moderate, and the thickness should be gradually reduced along the direction in which the plastic flows.
Now everyone knows what role the mold wall plays in the use of the mold? After reading the above content, you should have a certain understanding in your heart! If you want to know more about Koshimei Plastic Mould, please continue to pay attention to the information update of this site.

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